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JNJ’s UltraClean #810B Cleanroom-grade Wipes Offers Low Cost, Lint-Free, Tough Cleaning Performance 



Franklin, Massachusetts, USA – Lint-free, and made from the same 100% continuous filament polyester material and laundered in the same clean room laundry/process as the standard UltraClean 810, the 810B (B for Bulky Packaged) is machine stacked and packaged, yet still offers Cleanroom Class 100 performance and compatibility. Because it is machine stacked instead of being “hand” stacked, the 810B package is slightly bulkier than the standard 810, but machine stacking reduces labor costs, and henceforth lowers the cost to the end user. UltraClean #810 and #810B polyester wipes from JNJ Industries, Inc. deliver superior cleaning performance across a wide range of industrial cleaning applications with extremely low particle generation and soluble extractables. They are ideal for applications that require a cleanroom-grade wipe with good absorbency, resistance to tearing, and softness; they clean aggressively but will not scratch the product being cleaned. Manufactured from 100% continuous filament polyester fiber with a knit construction and pattern, JNJ’s UltraClean #810 and 810B wipes become softer when wet, while maintaining high tensile strength. They are unaffected by solvents and generate very low electrostatic discharge.  


UltraClean wipes are excellent for cleaning a variety of products including glass and ceramic substrates, solar cells, wafers, CD discs, instrumentation, tools, and the bottom of screens used for printing electronic materials. They are offered in a 9” X 9” size, meet Federal Standard 209D, and are laundered and dried in cleanroom environment. For less stringent environments, JNJ’s unlaundered #031A wipes offer the same characteristics of toughness, lint-free, absorbency and softness with added cost savings. #031A wipes are a favorite among electronics assemblers for stencil wiping.  


UltraClean #810 and 810B polyester wipes from JNJ Industries, Inc. are part of JNJ’s SmartWipes® family of products, which is made up of both woven and non woven wipes.  JNJ Industries, Inc. is a leading supplier of electronics screen-printing accessories, cleaning chemistries, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and specialized tooling products.