Aqueous Cleaners

When using aqueous cleaners in the electronics industry it is important to maintain high performance standards, and to make sure that you leave no ionic contamination behind on the board. JNJ offers two aqueous cleaning chemistries that are designed for use in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, dip tanks, as well as for manual cleaning with a spray, wipe, or brush for cleaning solder paste, flux, and epoxy residues from boards, SMT production equipment, stencils, and tools. These are concentrated chemistries that are diluted with DI Water ranging from a 5% up to a 20% solution. They can be used at ambient temperatures or heated to enhance performance, and require minimal rinsing. Our AquaSonic Solder Paste & Flux Remover is certified as a clean air solvent by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).



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