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JNJ manufactures a complete line of application specific wiper products for all types of cleaning and polishing applications. We use only the highest quality materials available, chosen specifically to deliver optimum performance and value. Whatever your cleaning or wiping needs, we have the SmartWipe® to do the job. We have wipes for Cleanroom applications, precision cleaning of fine optics and electronic circuitry, and for industrial applications for wiping down heavy machinery. So whether you are wiping SMT Stencils, or thick film screens, tools, machinery, or parts, JNJ has the right wipe for almost every occasion.

We offer wipes made from polyester, cellulose, polypropylene, and blends of all three materials. Wipes come in standard sizes, with the most popular being 9" x 9", but can often times be made in 4" x 4", 6" x 6", and 12" x 12". Minimums may be required for alternate size from the standard offering.

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401 UnderStencil Wipe                                                         443 Foam Wipes

031A UltraClean Unlaundered Wipe                                   413A EquaStat Wipe

810 UltraClean Wipe                                                            923P/C Blue Comet                                       

0412 OptiSmart Wipe                                                           401PW SelectaWipe

P-Log Perforated Rolls


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