EquaStat Roll,  Part # 413A-RL50


Use To Create A Temporary ESD Safe Workstation!



This roll is made from the same ESD safe material as the EquaStat 413A wipe. It is a heavy weight woven fabric made from continuous filament polyester that is interwoven with DuPont Negastat® carbon yarn to provide a static dissipative fabric. This fabric can be metered out and cut to length to be used to provide an ESD safe covering for a variety of work surfaces. It can be used to cover work benched, storage shelves, trolley carts, and other devices. This roll is perfect for those companies that spray conformal coatings on populated or unpopulated circuit boards. Simply spread the EquaStat material over standard workbenches to provide a temporary ESD safe work surface for sensitive electronic devices or PC boards.


Each roll is shrink wrapped in an ESD safe, static dissipative film. Sold in cases of 6 rolls, but can also be ordered as individual rolls. Call JNJ for pricing! 



Part #

Product Name

Wipe Dimensions

Linear Feet/Roll

Rolls Per Case

Linear Ft. Per Case

Clean Room Class

Case Weight

Case Dimensions


EquaStat Roll

30" x 50'





26 lbs.

32" x 14" x14"


Where to Use:

  • Cover Workbenches

    • For Spray Fluxing

    • When apply conformal coatings

    • When doing repairs and rework

  • Trolley Carts -

    • When transporting components, PCB's, assemblies

  • Storage shelves in stock rooms

  • Storage cabinets

  • In the field - doing service and troubleshooting



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