Press Release           For Release February 1, 2007   


Press and Technical Contact:        Robert Enterkin                        


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JNJ Industries Announces New Lead-Free Solder Paste Remover 



Franklin, Massachusetts, USA - January 26, 2007 – lead-free solder pastes are often more difficult than traditional pasted to clean from stencils, boards, and application tools simply due to their flux chemistry. Now, JNJ Industries announces the introduction of Lead-Free Solder Paste Remover, a product specifically designed to tackle the job. The new product is a proprietary blend of aliphatic glycol ethers, Isopropyl alcohol and DI Water.  


JNJ’s Lead-Free Solder Paste Remover is completely RoHS compliant, and can actually be used with any type of solder paste, lead-bearing or lead-free, no-clean and/or water-based. It can be used to clean stencils, screens, misprinted boards, tools, benches, and machinery. It can also be used to clean or remove (uncured) SMT chip bonder type epoxies.  


In announcing the product launch, Robert Enterkin, Director of Sales & Marketing, said “The unique qualities of Lead-Free Solder Paste Remover are in the blend of ingredients that provide superior cleaning performance on lead free pastes that tend to have fluxes that are tackier than lead-bearing pastes. This chemistry combines several ingredients that collectively provide aggressive cleaning power on these high tack paste and fluxes. It dries residue-free, and is characterized by a very mild odor, and moderate to fast drying times, and does not require rinsing. Will conventional paste cleaner/removers also clean these lead free pastes? Yes, but they require more effort, have a much stronger odor, and are typically less user-friendly.  Our product offers better performance with more user friendliness. It works quickly, yet dries slowly enough to stay around and do a proper job penetrating the paste to get to the original surface being cleaned.” 


JNJ offers Lead-Free Solder Paste Remover in saturated wipes, 1-pint trigger sprays, gallons, and 55-gallon drums.