JNJ Press and Product Releases

From time to time we will update the menu selections on this Tab with new press release or new product releases to give our visitors some insight into what products or issues are new or have been re-tooled, re-engineered, or re-packaged. Sometimes the information available will be on a brand new product, whereas other times a product may be enhanced or improved, or have had its packaging or availability changed or altered to better suit our customers needs.

Please click on one of the menu selections on the left hand Menu bar to choose a specific Press release to read, or use one of the bulleted items listed below. You can also navigate to any page within our website by using the Menu bar at left. Simply mouse over any menu button to see

Critical Clean IPA & IPA/DI Wipes Press Release

Flat Panel Display Cleaner Release

Bioact SC-10 Press Release

Heavy Duty Degreaser Press Release

UltraClean 810-B Wipe Press Release

Lead Free Paste Remover Press Release