GlobalTech Solvents for Electronic Products:

AquaSonic Cleaner for Solder Paste & Flux (AQP) - Concentrated Liquid

AquaSonic Cleaner for Solder Paste & Flux - (AQP-PM) - Premixed, Ready To Use

AquaSonic Cleaner for Surface Mount Applications (SMA) - Concentrated Liquid

BSC-10A (BSC)          

Epoxy & Adhesive Remover (EAD)             

Flat Panel Display Cleaner

Ink & Screen Cleaner (IKS)

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Isopropyl Alcohol & DI Water (IPA/DI)

Lead Free Paste Remover (LFPR)

Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover (AFR)

SMT Stencil Cleaner (SMT)

Solder Paste & Flux Remover (PFR)

Industrial Products:

Hand Cleaner (HC)

Heavy Duty Degreaser - (HDD) - Concentrated Liquid

Heavy Duty Degreaser - (HDD-PM) - Premixed, Ready To Use

Industrial IPA (IPA)

Industrial IPA/DI (IPA/DI)


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