SuperSaturated SmartWipes®

 Canister Group

Convenient and Efficient Packaging

Ease of Use That Eliminates Sprays

JNJ’s SuperSaturated SmartWipes®offer cleaning solutions where and when you need them. You will always have the right wipe, with the right chemistry at your fingertips. Our SuperSaturated SmartWipes feature a durable, solvent retentive material substrate that cleans effectively without leaving excess solvent behind. Each wipe is saturated with the proper amount of GlobalTech®  CFC & HCFC Free solvent and is packaged in a recyclable, reusable canister. The strong, super absorbent wipes are 100% Cleanroom grade polyester, low in lint, and resist tearing and shredding. SuperSaturated SmartWipes trap dirt, grease, solder paste, flux residue, epoxy, ink, and other contaminate particles.

Industrial and Electronic Cleaners

Private Label Packaging Opportunities

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