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Offering a Unique Range of Industrial & Electronic Cleaning Products, Hand Care Products, and Environmental Remediation Products

JNJ's GlobalTech® Chemicals division has emerged as one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced formulations of environmentally responsible solvents, cleaners and degreasers for electronics, laboratory, Clean Room and aerospace manufacturing and industrial applications. GlobalTech products are available in both standard and custom chemistries.

Standard Chemistries

JNJ's GlobalTech division offers a complete line of the most sought after cleaners and solvents used in electronics and manufacturing industries. Every standard GlobalTech's formulated and packaged for optimum value and utility. GlobalTech's formulations for the removal of soils and toxic contaminants range from highly aggressive solvents to gentle hand cleaners and disinfectants.

Custom Formulations and Packaging

To meet your requirements, every GlobalTech product is available in application specific formulations and blends. JNJ chemists will help you develop and test the precise components, dilutions and delivery systems to meet your exact needs in a solvent, cleaner or degreaser. In addition to custom formulations and blends, JNJ offers private label packing for OEM and distributor branded lines.

Solvent Delivery System

GlobalTech products are available in nearly every size and type of container, dispenser of delivery system, including SuperSaturated SmartWipes, bulk liquid containers, sprays, applicator bottles, case quantities and drums.   

Material Safety Data Sheets

The material safety data sheets (MSDS) for each chemical product can be accessed by clicking on the MSDS button at the bottom of each product page or by clicking on the "Documents" tab from the left hand menu bar. The technical data sheet (TDS) for the various products can be accessed by clicking on the TDS button which also located at the bottom of each product page. All product documents can be accessed from the main "Documents" page by clicking on the "Documents" tab on the left hand menu bar.

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