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The Squeegee Caddie from JNJ is made from rugged anodized aluminum, and can hold virtually any set of squeegee holders that uses thumb screw type knobs to mount them into a printer's squeegee head assembly. It will accommodate any length squeegee holder designed for DEK printers, or the MPM UP2000, Accuflex, UP1500, and Momentum.  The slotted top plate allows for quick slide in/slide out motion of the squeegee holder assembly. The squeegees own lock knobs secure them to the Caddie where they will be safe until needed in production again. Using the caddie for squeegees that are not currently being used in the printer will protect the blades from getting damaged and also provide a secure location for storing additional sets of squeegees. There is also an optional version that is designed to hold 2 sets of squeegees. The Squeegee Caddie costs about the same or less than the price for a typical set of metal squeegee blades. 

Squeegee Caddies

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Squeegee Caddies For 1 Set Of Squeegee Holders



Squeegee Caddies For 2 Sets Of Squeegee Holders