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Achieve Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications with JNJ drop in replacements for squeegee blades and holders. The JNJ, OEM squeegee blade line includes polyurethane blades, flat metal blades, adjustable angle metal blades and squeegee blade holders for leading industry manufacturers such as DEK, deHaart, Ekra, Fuji, JUKI, MPM (Speedline), Panasonic and SM Tech and others.

JNJ’s OEM Polyurethane Squeegee Blades are machined, not molded, from cast sheets of high quality polyurethane. Machined blades not only offer increased operational performance but are available from Durometers ranging from 50 to 180. Precision machined blades resist solvents, have sharper edges, and maintain tighter tolerances than molded blades and can be machined to your specifications to fit any printer ever made.

Metal Blades - JNJ’s OEM metal blades provide a direct retrofit to the manufacturer’s conventional screw mounted or clamped flat metal blades. JNJ’s non-porous ductile coating cleans up easy and aids in paste release. For better than OEM performance, all JNJ metal blades are coated with a proprietary Electrolizing® plating finish. We start with a base metal of a special spring stainless steel, machined to the desired specifications, then add a ball radius along the entire printing edge. The blades are then plated with our Electrolized plating, providing a satin finish that increases the material hardness, lubricity, and  durability. We don't just plate the bottom edge of the blade, we plate the entire blade. Our standard material thickness is .012" thick, made from a full temper steel. Other materials are available upon request, such as a 0.010" thick, half temper material that is used to replace .007" to .008" thick blades from other suppliers. The .010" half temper material will provide comparable print performance to .007"/.008" thick blades, while being less prone to damage experienced by their thinner counterparts.

The ball radius helps to preserve the stencil surface integrity by minimizing abrasion. The Electrolized coating acts like a dry lubricant, and was developed to meet or exceed the benefits of hard chrome, titanium nitride, electroless nickel, and nickel/teflon platings used by other blade manufacturers. The typical kinetic frictional force of steel against steel, as is often the case of a squeegee traveling across a stencil, ranges to about 0.20 or greater. JNJ Metal Blades with the proprietary Electrolized plating provides users with 0.09 to 0.12 values, or a reduction of approximately 50% or more of the kinetic friction force.

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