GlobalTech® ChemicalsOur GlobalTech Chemical Division delivers a complete line of innovative and unique formulations for use in electronic assembly manufacturing and precision cleaning applications. Our chemical portfolio of environmentally responsible solvents provides safer, better-performing, higher-quality and more eco-sustainable products in convenient delivery systems for optimum value and utility. As the complexity of the SMT PCB assembly continues to advance and the evolution of sensitive high-tech devices demand products that optimize performance, trust in our application specific chemistries to improve your cleaning efficiency and process. Ideal in a variety of cleaning methods such as; ultrasonic machines and batch defluxing systems, stencil and misprint cleaners or manual applications. Every step of the manufacturing, filling and shipping is handled under strict manufacturing controls, enabling us to offer products of the highest reliability to meet today’s performance, compatibility and environmental requirements. We supply these products in a range of concentrations and in several packaging options including; drums, gallons, sprays, saturated wipes and foil refill packs.

JNJ’s chemicals are now packaged in 4 gallons per case.