AquaSonic® Aqueous Cleaner for Solder Paste & Flux – Concentrate

Certified Clean Air Solvent by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)

GlobalTech AquaSonic Aqueous Cleaner for Solder Paste & Flux (AQP) is more than 90% water based with all ingredients being 100% active. It has been specifically formulated, using a proprietary electro-chemistry technology, to remove solder paste and flux residue in critical cleaning applications.
Electro-chemistry Technology: Works by reversing the normal polarity of a contaminant causing the like charges of the contaminant and the work surface to repel each other, thereby preventing reattachment to the surface. Contaminants are suspended from the substrate and are washed away, leaving a clean, shiny, water break-free surface. It works at a sub-molecular level to penetrate crevices and orifices to dislodge microscopic contaminants. This technology drastically improves the cleaning efficiency by minimizing the amount of rinse water needed.

DR55AQPAQP / Drum55 gallons1 drum527 lbs24" x 36"
GA6AQPAQP / Gallons1 gallon6 gallons / case61 lbs17" x 13" x 14"