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GlobalTech Lead-Free Paste Remover (LFPR) is a safe, low cost cleaner for high tack and difficult to clean lead-free solder pastes, water soluble lead-free pastes and fluxes. Also effective in removing all types of solder pastes, even those containing other metals, and fluxes. Works quickly to remove tough organic contaminants such as soldering oils, waxes, silicones, uncured adhesives and other similar soils found in electronic assembly manufacturing. LFPR dries at the right speed to enable complete cleaning without slowing down production. Can be used as a general degreaser.

DR55LFPRLFPR / Drum55 gallons1 drum439 lbs24" x 36"pdf
FR100LFPR-12LFPR / Foil Refill Pack
Polyester Wipes
6"x 9"100 wipes / FRP
12 FRP / case
1 canister / case
17 lbs17" x 13" x 9"pdf
GA6LFPRLFPR / Gallons1 gallon6 gallons / case51 lbs17" x 13" x 14"pdf
SB6LFPRLFPR / Spray Bottle1 pint6 pints / case7 lbs10" x 7" x 10"pdf
SW100LFPRLFPR / Canisters
Polyester Wipes
6"x 9"100 wipes / canister
12 canisters / case
19 lbs16" x 11" x 16"pdf