OptiSmart® Flat Panel & Touch Screen Display Cleaner

OptiSmart Flat Panel & Touch Screen Display Cleaner (DC) was developed for cleaning all types of glass panel and touch screen displays that are commonly used in SMT production equipment. This optical quality cleaning product comes complete with a convenient spray bottle and optical cleaning wipe that easily and safely cleans fingerprints, smudges, dust, dirt, oils and other contaminants. This gentle cleaner will not harm or remove protective finishes such as mirror or anti reflective coatings. The OptiSmart wipe is an optical quality microfiber fiber wipe that will not scratch even the most delicate glass surface and will leave a crystal clear finish on any display. The wipe’s superior strength and density allows it to be laundered and reused without any loss of cleaning ability. The liquid cleaner and the wipe are even gentle enough to clean eyeglasses and safety glasses.

SB12DCDC / Spray Bottle & Wipe2.5 oz /
4" x 6"
12 bottles / case
1 wipe / bottle
3 lbs6" x 5" x 6"

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