810 UltraClean

UltraClean is a 100% continuous filament polyester fiber wipe that meets the highest cleanroom requirements with superior cleaning performance. Extremely clean and static free, these wipes are a must in any environment. In terms of use characteristics, these wipes pick up solvent spills and oil, as well as water, and at about two to three times the rate of cotton. Unlaundered option: 031A UltraClean Unlaundered. Laundered bulk packed option: 810-Econo UltraClean Economy.

ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standard ISO Class 4 – 5
US FED STD 209E Cleanroom Standard Class 100
Compatibility Class 10
810UltraClean9" x 9"150 wipes / pkg
5 pkgs / case
750 wipes / case
15 lbs19" x 12" x 10"

*custom sizes on request: 12″ x 12″