Benchtop Electronic Hand Cleaner Saturated WipesBenchtop Electronic Hand Cleaner Saturated Wipes tds img

GlobalTech Benchtop Electronic Hand Cleaner (BEHC) is a high performance, general purpose saturated wipe. Use at the workstation or any location where operator/technician’s hands become soiled. Cleans hands without requiring the operator to leave the work area.

Toxic Metal Reduction: due to a unique solvent/surfactant blend, coupled with a powerful chelant, BEHC has been laboratory certified to be effective in the removal of lead and other toxic metals from all surfaces, including the skin. Designed for operators and technicians who routinely handle soldered printed circuit boards and assemblies, solder reflow, wave soldering, solder paste screening, tin/lead plating and hot air solder leveling process.

Joint Industry & Military Standard: Certified Ionic Contamination Test results show BEHC to be well within ANSI/J-STD-001 and MIL-STD-2000 Military Standards adopted to maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness in the manufacture of electronic assemblies, circuits and components.

SWS901HCBEHC / Canisters
Polyester Wipes
6" x 9"100 wipes / canister
12 canisters / case
19 lbs16" x 11" x 16"pdf
FR901HC-12BEHC / Foil Refill Pack
Polyester Wipes
6" x 9"100 wipes / FRP
12 FRP / case
1 canister / case
17 lbs17" x 13" x 9"pdf