JNJ is the recognized expert in understencil wiping rolls by exceeding the demanding requirements of the equipment manufacturer and by offering the widest range of OEM compatible rolls in the global market. Because understencil wiping is so critical to the SMT PCB assembly process, we utilize only the highest quality materials. Our stencil cleaning rolls feature an advanced structure of exceptional strength, absorbency and low lint, resulting in increased stencil cleaning efficiency with optimum performance. SmartRolls effectively remove residual contaminants, with or without solvents. JNJ’s high quality rolls will help prevent many production defects associated with circuit board printing. The high tear resistance raises MTBF and reduces operator intervention, resulting in more efficient and low cost production. Due to their excellent airflow characteristics, these materials will not compromise vacuum power, optimizing aperture cleaning performance. We produce standard and custom roll configurations to maximize production requirements and improve the wiping process. SmartRolls are individually shrink wrapped in a protective static dissipative ESD safe film, with superior static control properties, allowing an unlimited shelf life.