JNJ uses decades of research, development and manufacturing experience to produce the most comprehensive line of OEM compatible squeegee products. Our expert craftsmanship ensures superior quality in both standard and custom squeegees options. Squeegee blade characteristics have an important effect on process control to maximize the printing process. Polyurethane blades satisfy single thickness or stepped stencil applications. Choose harder durometer blades for durable, low abrasion performance with single thickness stencils. Stepped stencil, traditional mesh and emulsion screen printing applications may require a softer durometer blade. Our anodized standard and lead-free holders are manufactured from quality aluminum and plated to strengthen the surface and prevent oxidation. Metal blades sustain higher squeegee pressures and are ideal for boards featuring a mix of large and fine pitch components, or where panel flatness cannot be assured. We produce premium, economy and lead-free metal blades. Our exclusive Electrolize premium plated metal blades provide exceptional print deposition, uniformity and enhances the overall stable performance in demanding fine and ultrafine pitch printing applications.